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Clean up the MED 2018

Clean up the MED 2018


Leggendo Metropolitano supports Clean up the MED, the initiative organized by Legambiente aimed at sensitising citizens about problems connected to waste on the coasts and sea bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Every year, according to data provided by UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, approximately 700 tons of rubbish end up in the sea. Reducing, if it is not possible avoiding, a similar accumulation of plastics and other polluting materials is possible. For this purpose, Legambiente and Leggendo Metropolitano invite citizens to commit themselves to the collection of the waste on Italian beaches and promote the adoption of sustainable behaviours.

The appointment, for people interested in participating, is on Sunday May 27th at 9:30, at the beach of Giorgino. The volunteers, equipped with gloves and rakes, will be divided in two teams to collect the many waste abandoned too often carelessly on the sand. A way to strengthen the civic duty, demonstrating what can be done with active participation and highlighting that beaches are an environmental heritage that must be respected and protected.

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