For the business companies - Leggendo Metropolitano

For the business companies

Companies that support culture with the Festival Leggendo Metropolitano can obtain benefits of image and reap tax benefits

For your business supporting Leggendo Metropolitano represent a strategic opportunity capable of reconciling the needs for visibility with the commitment to social responsibility:

Investing in culture is an added value for any company mission; invest in culture through a festival like Leggendo Metropolitano means to associate their brand to an event that believes in the future, in the global that is intertwined to the local potential through the winds of change of the most award-winning and innovative literature, each year. If you recognize yourself in the aims and values of the Festival you can become a supporter of culture with us any way you like:

If your company identifies itself in the "spirit of generosity" (Civil Code Article 769), you can make a free donation of modest value and help the Festival grow, by demonstrating to stakeholders its Corporate Social Responsibility.

(According to one interpretation of the TU on donations - Tariff annexed to Legislative Decree no. 346/90 - the modest value must be less than Euro 5,164.57, which is the value for which the recipient does not have to pay taxes)

If you want to directly involve your company to get the benefits both commercial, of marketing and of image, please contact our Marketing Department to become an official Sponsor of the Leggendo Metropolitano:

- We will promote the name, image, brand and the business of your company through the many channels and communication tools we have available and an excellent coverage of the event through local and national media;

- We will help your company to increase credibility and notoriety thanks to the involvement in an event that fits with the values, mission and company vision.

Financing paid by the company will also benefit from the tax deductibility: spending on sponsorships are in fact fully deductible for the donor, given that these are contracts to correspondent performances.



The Internal Revenue Service (with resolutions of 1974 2/1016, 9/204 of 1992 and 356 / E of 2002) and the prevailing doctrine believe that sponsorship expenses should have, at the time of the determination of business income, the same treatment as those of advertising.

The expense is fully deductible from business income of the sponsor within the meaning of Article 74 paragraph 2 of the Income Tax Code in the presence of a bilateral relationship between the sponsor who agrees to pay a fee in return for a service provided by or association, once the promotion of the image and of the payer products.

NB: companies may deduct, in the course of their tax year, costs for advertising or sponsorship for a total amount of 200,000 Euros

For free DONATIONS companies can donate by

BANK TRANSFER to: Association Prohairesis

IBAN: IT42 F070 9604 8010 0000 0004 627


To become an official Sponsor of the Festival Leggendo Metropolitano

and evaluate, together with the Marketing Department, the objectives of the sponsorship:


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