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Leggendo Metropolitano is a completely accessible festival, aimed at demolishing architectural barriers and obstacles for people with disabilities.

For this reason, we designed the figure of Leggendari del sostegno, a specific category of volunteers ready to recognize and provide with help and support elderly people, pregnant women and people with disabilities in the locations of the festival.

Thanks to our partnership with CTM Spa, during the days of the festival the public transport company will extend lines 6 and 7 until 23:30. Furthermore, a special stop in front of the entrance of Giardini Pubblici di Cagliari will be established for the occasion.

The Amico bus service will operate until 23 (by telephone reservation at the toll-free number 800 259745) during the days of the festival. For further information:

The dedicated page on the website of the Municipality of Cagliari, encourages people with disabilities to register the license plate of the vehicle they will use at the dedicate offices. They will have default access to the restricted-circulation areas of the city. Registration is necessary because, even though their pass allows them to access restricted-circulation areas, this is not immediate if they do not register the license plate. Click here for further information.



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