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Gulliver is the mobility project for the volunteers of cultural festivals. It was born in recognition of the important contribution of volunteers to the organization of cultural events. Gulliver's aim is to create the conditions for a personal and professional growth that goes beyond the knowledge of just one organizational experience.

Volunteers are a resource for every aspect of the organization: they contribute to building know-how of the Festival and they bring a fresh approach to the reality in which they operate with new concepts and innovative ideas, fostering the never-ending exchange of knowledge and skills that characterise the cultural world.

The idea behind Gulliver is to not reduce the experience of these people to just the event they were part of, but to also make them live first-hand in a bigger virtuous circle of other events, similar or not, increasing their know-how, allowing them to experiment with different tasks, different atmospheres, different organisational styles and different work environments.

The Festival Leggendo Metropolitano opens its doors to host volunteers coming from other events, similar or not, and it aims at sending its volunteers "on a mission" to all the organisations that this project will reach, with a continuous exchange of meaningful horizons and possible worlds.


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