Who we are - Leggendo Metropolitano

Who we are

Leggendo Metropolitano is an International Festival of Cultures and Innovative Techniques, created and promoted by the Associazione Prohairesis from Cagliari.

Leggendo Metropolitano can count on a big audience and on a vivid attention by the mass media and the national cultural and intellectual circles.

Ever since its origins, the festival has been characterized by the research for important and modern themes, all the while reserving a significant role to literature and language.

Each year, the topics are submitted to a close examination with the purpose to highlight the festival's events which, in a balanced way, all have to rotate around the central theme.

The research carried out by experts, outsiders to the fame circle of mainstream media, helped to increase our credit in relation to the reliability and the high-quality standards in our conceptual proposal.

These, in addition to the urban and young appeal, the tricky mixture between different professions and the contaminations with other forms of art, are just some of the peculiarities of Leggendo Metropolitano.

The Festival characterizes itself even with a very precise mission that the promoting association identifies with an ethically transparent management, linked to the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The value chart that we follow does not exempt from principles like listening to others, the respect for democratic rules and the precepts that rule each person's freedom.

From a qualitative point of view, the Festival has always demonstrated to keep up with not only similar events in the island, but also with festivals that are much more esteemed at a national level.

We believe that serious and professional work, most of all composed of content and aesthetic research, pays off maybe in a longer timeframe but in a more solid, rooted and stable way.

To find out who we are and how we structured our work during the past years, visit the website of the Association here.

Leggendo Metropolitano's nine editions in short:

309 total actions (of which: 234 meetings, 18 readings, 11 theatre plays, 21 workshops, 11 concerts, 11 film projections and 10 exhibitions);

501 total guests (of whom 85 international, 334 Italian and 82 Sardinian):

- 7 Nobel Prizes;
- 5 Pulitzer Prizes;
- 6 Strega literary Prizes;
- 7 Campiello Literary Prizes.

Our Palmarès:

- 3 Medals of the President of the Italian Republic (2014, 2015, 2017);
- Certificate of environmental-friendly Festival (2017 and 2018);
- Mark of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.


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