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Living Library

Living Library


Born in Denmark during the 80s, and taken to Italy by the ABCittà Cooperative, the Living Library is an innovative method to: promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and favour mutual understanding. It was recognised by the Council of Europe as a great procedure for intercultural dialogue and as a tool for the promotion of human rights. It allows everybody to face the stereotypes and challenge the most common prejudices in a positive and constructive way. Categories do not actually exist, what exists is only people with their personal stories, their choices and the reasons that have determined them. Thanks to the Living Library, the "readers" can get in contact with people who they would have never met and interacted with in their daily life.

The X edition of Festival Leggendo Metropolitano is the ideal context to present the Living Library to Cagliari's audience and reveal the potential of the project. The formative process of the human books and the organization of the event will be held during the days of the Festival. This will have the goal of involving a group of potential human books in a formative seminar right before the event opens to the public and it will take place on the closing day of the Festival. The project revolves around the individuation of those themes signalled by our local audience as the greatest magnets of prejudices and it aims to select of a group of human books who will represent them, as well as the creation of a context, which will allow readers to leaf through the books.

Further information will be given after the press conference on the 28th May 2018.




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