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Leggendo for the Environment

Leggendo for the Environment

Leggendo Metropolitano reconfirm for the tenth edition the cooperation with Legambiente.

During the past years, we promoted itineraries which intent was to discover the natural heritage of Cagliari, with the aim to promote a growing awareness of the territory.

Children, young and adults were involved in the itineraries. The interest toward their own city has been growing in parallel with the need of become an active member of the community, giving a basic contribution recorded by the substantial number of subscriptions.

This year, our partnership will take on a new wider format, always following its objectives: promotion of the cultural heritage discovery, encouragement of the team building and incentive of an increasingly green perspective.

The programs are

three urban paths, with free participation and open to everyone, virtual and not, marked to better deepen, from a landscaping and archaeological perspective, the histories of the families of the past, their bonds and their houses. Many revelations among artifacts, villas, Punic and Roman tombs, that will highlight the daily gestures and the familiar weaves, the affections and the pains of a society not so far from modern society.


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Thursday June, 7 2018

Tengo famiglia. History and histories of Tuvixeddu and surroundings

Various readings for a unique landscaping – archaeological system

The rock carvings in the tombs of Tuvixeddu illustrate the life of high-ranking families in Roman times. However, there are various signs of families coming from every social class, who crossed this amazing landscape. We will visit the hill with a virtual path, in which the tracks of history and dynamics of today intersect, among Punic and Roman tombs, twentieth Century villas, limestone cave, the reuse of the tombs as dwellings, the modern built. The readings, from the short story Memorie dal sottosuolo, written by Giogio Todde, will complete the itinerary.

Meeting point: h.19.30 Church of Santa Chiara – Santa Chiara hill

Duration: 1 hour and a half

Present: Annalisa Colombu, Antonio Maria Corda and Alfonso Stiglitz

Readings: Rita Atzeri


Friday June, 8 2018 *

Poggiar sulla terra leggeri

Elementary societies and relationship behaviours in prehistoric Sardinia. What the artifacts tell.

The artifacts and the symbolic expression of the prehistoric populations reflect and safeguard the sense of social connections among individuals. Our task and obligation is to ask them as far as they are able to reveal to us. Beyond temporal distances and the technological gap, the needs and the pushs to the social interacion keep also today the ancestral nature of our species.

Meeting point: h. 18 Cittadella dei Musei – Piazza Arsenale

Duration: 1 hour and a half

Guides: Carlo Lugliè e Alfonso Stiglitz

Itinerary: Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale – Archaeological Museum - Collezioni Litiche Preistoriche


Saturday June, 9 2018

Castello among buildings and historical families

Itinerary in the history through the architecture of the noble buildings in Castello quarter

Castello, since its foundation, was the location of dominance, not only of the institution but also of the noble families who decided to settle in the quarter to strengthen their power. We will travel together through the streets in which these dwellings are located again,commemorating the events that characterized the intersection of their lives.

Meeting point: h. 17.30 Piazza Indipendenza

Duration: 2 hours

Guides: Valentina Basciu, Nicola Sollai e Vincenzo Tiana


Via Canelles: Palazzo Sanjust (Piazza indipendenza, 1) - Palazzo Amat De Candia (Via Canelles, 60) - Palazzo Pes (Via Canelles, 48) - Palazzo Atzeni Tedesco (Via Canelles, 25) - Palazzo Carboni Asquer (Via Canelles, 32) - Palazzo Boyl (Via San Giuseppe, 6);

Via Lamarmora: Palazzo Brondo Zapata (Piazza Lamarmora, 3) - Palazzo Aymerich (Via Lamarmora, 42);

Via dei Genovesi: Palazzo Cadello (Via dei Genovesi, 92) - Palazzo Cugia (Via dei Genovesi, 120)Ending in Palazzo Cugia, today location of the Department of Architecture.

* Compulsory subscription is required for this event


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