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The Festival meets High Schools

The Festival meets High Schools

The Festival meets the High Schools


One of the goals of Leggendo Metropolitano has always been that of opening itself to the new generations' world, with a series of initiatives aimed to draw them near to culture in all its declinations. 

The Festival meets High Schools, which locates itself in the broader project for the enhancement of the figure of the volunteer represented by the Gulliver Project, has in this regard a prominent position. The goal, which also takes into account the new needs of high school students imposed by La Buona Scuola regulation, is that of fostering the creation of network of contacts and collaborations aimed at helping students building their expertise, offering them a new set of experiences. A model of formation which has a precise connotation, close to the principles which have always animated Leggendo Metropolitano: meritocracy, work ethic and promotion of the new generation and of their personal ambitions.

The Festival meets High Schools is therefore conceived to illustrate the characteristics and how the communication sector works, to a selection of students from the 11th grade Junior and the 12th grade of High School Institutes of Cagliari. The students – through a series of themed formative lessons – will this way acquire the basic and fundamental notions about the dynamics of journalism. They will also have the opportunity of getting to know first-hand the reality of a Festival such as Leggendo Metropolitano, the way it works and its national and international guests.

This year we renew again our commitment working with the schools, by involving three Institutes: De Sanctis Deledda High School, Eleonora d'Arborea High School and B. R. Motzo High School.

The adventure of, e-magazine about current events and culture edited by the editorial staff of the De Sanctis – Deledda High School continues in 2018. The project, in its second year of realization, was very successful among the work-school alternation projects and it was presented at Sardina Job Days as good practice.




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