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Duccio Demetrio - La scrittura è silenzio interiore

Duccio Demetrio - La scrittura  silenzio interiore

Author: Duccio Demetrio

Title: La scrittura è silenzio interiore

Book series: Irruzioni

Pages: 48



Synopsis :

To write is to be quiet, to start an inner speech with ourselves, to reconnect our memories, or a way to get out from our familiarity, to escape from inner thought? Only writing, according to the author, can allow us to find the place of our intimacy, which is the place of our freedom. Autobiographical writing and rediscovery of the value of memory that the first one carries with itself are two therapeutic activities able to cure the human soul from the convulsions that live in it: this is the thesis supported by Duccio Demetrio in this brief but intensive essay in which he seems to suggest that only through the writing of our inner own life it is possible to really know about ourselves and discover what the spoken word cannot express.



(Milan, 1945)

Italian essayist specialist in Educational Philosophy. In his several works he dealt with social pedagogy, permanent education and intercultural education, focusing on writing about oneself as therapeutic practice to foster the inner thought. In 1988 he founded, together with Saverio Tutino, the Libera Università dell’Autobiografia in Anghiari, of which he is scientific director, and the school ‘L’accademia del Silenzio’. He now manages the magazine Adultità.



When “someone” noticed that being quiet was not only possible but also useful, diverting, convenient, in that moment, in addition to the capability to lie, dissemble, hide to the ears of others, the story of inner thought in its greatness and misery began.

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