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Moni Ovadia

Moni Ovadia. Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1946 from a Sephardi Jew family, after a degree in Political Science he started his artistic career as researcher, singer and interpreter of ethnic and popular music from various countries. In 1984, he started the path that led him to the theatre world, first cooperating with artists at international level such as Bolek Polivka, Tadeusz Kantor, Franco Parenti, then proposing himself as creator, director, actor and artistic director of a musical theatre in which his previous experiences merged perfectly with his extraordinary capabilities of entertainer, speaker and humourist. Central theme of his shows and of his enormous discographic and publishing production is the cultural and real wandering of Hebrews, of whom he feels son and representative, in a continuous dive inside the different sounds and languages inherited from a culture to be treasured for the future.