This is the list with the biographies of the guests that Leggendo Metropolitano had the pleasure to host from the first edition till today.

Mario Paffi. He comes from Mamoiada and in 1997 graduated in Political Science at the University of Sassari . In 1999 he obtained a research contract at the CRENoS Cagliari (Sardinia North South Economic Research Centre) regarding the technological innovation and the production patent . He works closely with Prof. Raffaele Paci and Usai Stefano . In 2001 he decided to return to his native village  and to set up a cooperative society which is called " Viseras " (in dialect it means " masks ") and manages the Museum of Mediterranean masks and , since April 2011, the Museum of Culture and Labour . He is the chairman of  “Viseras” and museum coordinator. 


Mauro Pala  is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Cagliari. He  obtained , as a Fulbright Scholar , an MA from the Columbia University in New York (1989) and attended courses, during his PhD , at the department of German Studies of the Freie Universität in Berlin . Researcher in English Literature from 1997 , since 2000 he has been teaching  Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures of Cagliari. 


Piero Pala. He deals with independent cinema, art and music and lives in Rome . He worked for over 20 years as curator/organizer of events of contemporary art and as a researcher in the field of aesthetics, cinema and music. He brought to Italy artists from all over Europe, the United States and Canada, such as: Peter Kubelka (AUS) , Pierre Hébert ( CAN ) , Bob Ostertag (USA) , Peter Mettler (CAN /CH) , Matthew Barney (USA) , Shirin Neshat (USA) , Charlemagne Palestine (USA / BEL) Tony Conrad (USA) , La Monte Young (USA ) , Skoltz_Kolgen ( CAN ) , Ira Cohen (USA ) , Christian Lebrat ( FR ) , Laetitia Bourget (FR) , Thomas Draschan (GER) , Peter Putz ( AUS) , Robert Beavers (USA /CH) , Lejf Marcussen (DEN) , Georges Switzgebel (CH) , Pipilotti Rist (CH) , Eija-Liisa Ahtila (FIN) and , among others , the father of new American Cinema , Jonas Mekas (USA) . He is President and Artistic Director of Complus Events(a cultural association) .

Francesca Palmas. Born in Montalcino in 1975, graduated in Education with a specialization in “Professional Educators of school”, since January 2002 she has been operating as an Educator , with the Association of brain-injured children Sardinia. The ABC Sardinia is an association of self-help for families who care personally of rehabilitation and , in general , the project of life of their children . It collaborates and is connected with the European Disability Forum EDF (which represents more than 37 million people with disabilities in Europe), the Documentation Handicap Centre, the Calamaio Project in Bologna and the Erickson Studies Center.


Raul Pantaleo. He was born in Milan in 1962, is architect and cofounder of Tamassociati Architecture Studio, designer on behalf of Emergency Ngo Salam Cardiac Surgery Center in Sudan . He has received national and international awards and prizes, including the Honorable Mention at the International Prize “The Architecural Review Awards for Emerging Architecture” in 2007 , the Special Prize at the International Prize “ArchitekturXportDetail” in 2000. In 2012 he won an honorable mention in the “Architecture and Emergency” category at the Medaglia d’Oro Prize for Italian Architecture in 2012. Among his books there are: Made in Africa. Tra modernizzazione e modernità (2010), Destinazione Freetown con Marta Gerardi (2012), Vivere insieme cohousing e comunità solidali (2012)


Costanza Papagno. Professor of neuropsychology at Università Bicocca in Milan and at Università di Trento. She direct the Centro di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva (CeRiN) in Rovereto and is the  president of the Società Italiana di Neuropsicologia (SINP). She has worked at the Neurological Clinic at the University of Freiburg and at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. She has always treated short-term verbal memory disorders and aphasia.


Laura Pariani. Born in Busto Arsizio in 1951, she spent her childhood in Magnago, in the province of Milan, in an environment still largely peasant. She graduated in philosophy at the University of Milan. In the seventies she designed and wrote comic stories of feminist inspiration. Her first novel takes place in 1993 with the short story collection "Di corno o d’oro" (Sellerio), which won the Grinzane Cavour Prize. Among her following books, “Il pettine e la spada e la luna” obtained an unanimous critical acclaim and major awards. In 2005 she spent several months at the writers’ residence of Saorge (French Maritime Alps) where she wrote “Tango per una rosa” (Casagrande 2005). Then she published: “Patagonia Blues” (Effigie 2005), “I pesci nel letto” (Alet 2006), “Dio non ama I bambini” (Einaudi 2007; Rhegium Julii and Anna Maria Ortese Prizes) and “Milano è una selva oscura” (Einaudi 2010, finalist at Campiello Basilicata narrative section Prize). She is also author of several plays. Laura Pariani published in 2011 her latest novel: “Questo viaggio chiamavamo amore” (Einaudi, 2015).


Luca Parmitano was born in 1976 and is from Sicily, he is married and has two daughters. He has been an astrounat of the European Space Agency since 2009. He was the sixth Italian astronaut who flied in airspace, the fourth who lived in the International Space Station and the first who did an EVA (Extravehicular Activity), the so-called spacewalk. He is Tenente Colonnello Pilota of Aeronautica Militare Italiana and he was awarded the silver medal for aeronautics value. In 2013 he spent six months in orbit on the International Space Station accomplishing the mission Volare, as a result of a bilateral agreement between Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and NASA.


Catriona Patterson. Green Arts Manager at Creative Carbon Scotland: Scottish charity addressed to sustainability and climate change in the cultural field. She manages the Green Arts Initiative: a community including more than 200 organizations, aiming at reducing carbon monoxide emissions and contributing positively to environmental sustainability. She manages the works related to environmental sustainability of Festivals Edinburgh, the organization that helps and supports the Edinburgh Festivals affirming and developing their position as leader Festival worldwide.



Marco Peano. He was born in Turin 1979, is a writer , teacher and editor . He deals with Italian fiction for Einaudi Publishing House. He teaches at the IED in Turin. He published stories in:  “Hollywood Party” ( Zandegù ) , “Help!”,  “The Beatles!” (Lampi di stampa), “Gli intemperanti” (Meridiano Zero). Along with Giorgio Vastacura he curates the project “Esordire” (dedicated to the literary scouting) that takes place every year in November during Scrittorincittà in Cuneo. 


Vittorio Pelligra. Professor of economic policy at the University of Cagliari and invited professor at the International University Institute ‘Sophia’ of Loppiano-Firenze, he is member of many scientific committees like SEC-Scuola di Economia Civile, the network of organisations NexT - Nuova Economia X Tutti and the Antonio Gramsci House Museum. He focuses on experimental and behavioural Economics, Civilian Economics and institutional design. He created Wecoop, a board game simulating an operating business; he is cofounder of Smartlab and he promotes the SlotMob campaign against legalized gambling.


Marco Peroni. Writer and author , in 1999 he co-authored with Giovanni De Luna a program on Radio Tre entitled “Canto e disincanto nell’Italia del Boom”. In 2004 he conceived and edited, with G. De Luna , the series “Le voci del tempo” published by Ricordi : within this project he is author, respectively with Gioachino Lanotte and Davide Grossi , of “Luigi Tenco. Un miracolo breve” and “Gino Paoli. Storie da ascoltare”. He also wrote the lyrics of “Come se fosse normale” ( Venus , 2004) by Edoardo Cerea . Among his works there are : “Il nostro concerto. La storia contemporanea tra musica leggera e canzone popolare” published in 2001 by La Nuova Italia and two biographies written with Riccardo Cecchetti “Adriano Olivetti. Intervista dal futuro” and “Gigi Meroni. Il ribelle granata”.


Simone Perotti. Born in Frascati (Rome ), he lives between Milan and La Spezia. He published “Zenzero e Nuvole” (edited by I Ritmi, Theoria, Bompiani Pockets) and “StojanDecu, l’altro uomo” (Bompiani , 2005) , which won the Volpe d’Oro2005 Prize. He published stories on paper and online literary magazines and wrote catalogs for painters. He publishes tales and articles on “Dove”, “Stile”, “Yacht & Sail”. He created the first news magazine on books about the sea (www.sailbook.info, within the website www.ilmarinaio.com ) . He is skipper and sailing instructor .


Romana Petri. Born in 1955 in Rome, where she still lives, writer and translator , with a degree in Languages ​​and Literature , she works with “L’Unità” , “Nuovi Argomenti” and “La Stampa” , and teaches French at a high school . Her books have been translated in England , USA, Germany , France , Portugal and the Netherlands; she has received numerous awards : with “Il gambero blu e atri racconti” (1990) she won the Mondello Opera Prima Prize; with “Alle case venie”(1997), set during the partisan war in Umbria, she received the Rapallo-Carige Prize, the Palmi Prize , and was a finalist of the Premio Strega in 1998. With “I padri degli altri” (1999) , in which she explores the father-son relationship, the Bari Prize and the Chiara Prize in 2000. Her latest publication is “Dagoberto Babilonio, un destino”. 


Filippo Petrucci. PhD in African History, and thanks to various scholarships in Italy and abroad, he has focused his studies on the Jewish communities in North Africa during the contemporary and modern age and on the historical and political dynamics in North Africa, the Middle East and Israel. He is a journalist and publicist, a member of the Center of African Studies in Sardinia (CSAS) and of AFFRICA.org, through which he is involved in the divulgation of the multiple realities in the African continent. He has recently published Minoranze religiose in Africa. I casi delle comunità ebraiche di Tunisia e Uganda (Aracne 2016, together with Dr. Isabella Soi).


Aurelio Picca. Born in Velletri, he debuted in 1990 with a poetry collection entitled “Per punizione”, followed by a series of tales: “La schiuma” (1992) and “I racconti dell’eternità” (1995) . In 1996 he published the novel “I mulatti”; Rizzoli Publisher curated his “Tuttestelle” (1998), “Bellissima” (1999), “L’esame di maturità” (2001, first appeared in 1995 for Giunti Publisher) and “Sacrocuore” (2003 ) .  He also is freelance journalist and collaborates with some newspapers ( "Il Giornale", "La Repubblica" ) and magazines ( "Nuovi Argomenti” and “Max”) . Among his works for the radio, we remember: “La velocità e I cinque sensi”. In January 2006 in Rome , as part of the Tale Festival, he presented his small poem “L’Italia è morta. Io sono l’Italia”. In 2006 , he published the novel “Via Volta della Morte”, set in Urbino and other cities on which the mysterious presence of Duke Federico da Montefeltro still lingers. 


Alcide Pierantozzi. Italian writer, he was born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1985. After graduating from the high school , he attended the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Milan . He writes literary and philosophical criticism in various magazines since the age of 15. He has published poems and stories on “Inchiostro” and collaborates with “Rolling Stone” . “UnoIndiviso” (Duepunti , 2006) is his first novel, which was followed in 2008  by “L’uomo e il suo amore”, a less symbolic novel. The young Pierantozzi published his latest novel in 2012 : “Ivan il terribile” , published by Scala Italiani , a heartfelt story of terrible families .


Marilisa Piga. Director, author and producer, she signed, together with Nicoletta Nessler Lunàdigas, the first Italian webdoc about women without children. The project continues since 2015 and in October 2016 it became a film, winner of the award for best feature film at the Chouftouhonna Festival of feminist art in Tunis and the award for best documentary at Pornfilmfestival Berlin. The website www.lunadigas.com hosts reflections about the stereotypes on motherhood and self-determination, involving women of all ages and background. Together with Nessler, she shot various documentaries and she produced Vita a Diol Kadd. Diari e riprese in un Villaggio del Senegal by Gianni Celati, special Prize in 2010 at the Festival Internationale di Roma.


Tommaso Pincio debuted as a novelist in 1999 with a kind of a literary adaptation of Blade Runner, set in an imaginary Berlin in 1969. Thereafter he has published “Lo spazio sfinito” (2000), “Un amore dell'altro mondo” (2002), “La ragazza che non era lei” (2005), “Gli alieni” (2006). Tommaso Pincio regularly collaborates with the magazine “Rolling Stone” and the cultural pages of “La Repubblica” and “Il manifesto” focusing mostly on American literature. His last novel, Panorama, was published by NNEditore, in May 2015.

Caterina Pinna. Journalist. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, she began her journalism career at Unione Sarda. She has worked in the biggest towns in Sardinia. After many years writing in the News Section, she is now Senior Editor for Culture and Entertainment.


Anna Piras was born on 6th June 1966 in Rome. She currently holds the position of responsible of the Rai offices in Sardinia. She was parliamentary journalist and managing editor at Rai Parlamento. She hosted Tg Parlamento, the live covering from the Parliament, the Political Forums and Referendarie from 1997 until 2011. She was responsible and presenter of the TV programmes Settegiorni in Parlamento, Giorni d’Europa, Europa e Speciale Europa. She realized press reports from European Union countries and from Mediterranean countries. She curated and realized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports from Middle East and Africa. She collaborates with the European Commission and the European Parliament.


Jože Pirjevec. Born in Trieste, PhD, he is a Full Member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts as a Research Counsellor. Since 2003, he has been the Head of the Department of History at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska. Since 2006, he has been a member of honorary board of EUROCLIO (European Association of History Educators). In 2007, he was awarded with the title of Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia. His latest book is Slovenian Economic and Political Migration to the Americas in the Last 150 Years (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013).


Giorgio Pisano. Born in Cagliari , he has a degree in Political Sciences . He worked as a special envoy  and deputy director of “L’Unione Sarda” for 40 years and as a journalist for “Il Messaggero” for five years. He worked with Maurizio Costanzo and wrote four books : Lo strano caso del signor MesinaLista d'attesaSulle orme di LawrenceCenere fredda.


Andrea Poli is graduated in Medicine and majored in Clinical Pharmacology at Università di Milano, after a period of studies in Heidelberg for a research programme about lipoprotein metabolism. He worked at Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacologiche of Università di Milano on the in vivo measurement of the thickness of the arterial wall, using high definition ecotomography. He has been cooperating with Nutrition Foundation of Italy since 1990 and he has been its Scientific Manager since 1995 as well as its President since 2014. He is the author of over 120 publications on national and international magazines, and he is also editor of many volumes. He is member of Comitato di Controllo dell’Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria  since some years.


Andrea Poli. Graduated in Medicine and majored in Clinical Pharmacology at Università di Milano, after a period of studies in Heidelberg for a research programme about lipoprotein metabolism. He worked at Departments of Pharmacological Sciences of Università di Milano on the in vivo measurement of the thickness of the arterial wall, using high definition ecotomography. He has been cooperating with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy since 1990 and he has been its Scientific Manager since 1995 as well as its President since 2014. He is the author of over 120 publications on national and international magazines, and he is also editor of many volumes. He has been a member of the Committee of Control of the Institute of Advertisement Auto-discipline since several years.


Nicoletta Polla Mattiot is a journalist and essayist. Next to her journalistic activity ( she has twenty years of experience during which she worked with newspapers like "La Repubblica", "La Stampa", "Donna moderna", "PerMe", "Grazia"), she curated the publishing project of WE- women for Expo, the international network of women for Feeding the Planet. Among her books: “Pause” (2012), “Il paradosso del silenzio” (2009), “Se l’amore tradisce” with M. Trinci (2007) and “Riscoprire il silenzio” (2004). She is founder and curator of cultural events and founded with Anna Folli the literature and music Festival “Le corde dell’anima”. She has been working on silence as a tool and technique of communication since 1988, with research and teaching activities. With Duccio Demetrio she founded the Academy of silence, a school of pedagogy and communication of silence.


Marco Porru, born in Cagliari in 1979, lives in Rome and works for the cinema industry. He is the author of the screenplay for the film “I bambini della sua vita”, directed by Peter Marcias , with which Piera Degli Esposti won the Globo d’Oro in 2011 and was awarded at the XII European Film Festival . With “L’eredità dei corpi” , his first novel , he was shortlisted for the Italo Calvino Prize in 2011. He  won the “audience award” in the 2012 edition of  Esor - dire , the literary competition organized by the Holden School in Turin and dedicated to new literary talents under 40 .


Andrea Possenti. Physics graduate at the University of Milan and researcher at Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF), he is currently head researcher at INAF Astronomical Observatory in Cagliari. Author of more than 250 publications in international scientific magazines, he is part of the limited group of European scientists that obtained the Premio Cartesio 2005. He is currently board member of the international experiment IPTA, aimed to reveal gravitational waves through pulsar observation. He has been actively engaged in astronomic divulgation, taking part in more than 300 public conferences. He published two divulgation books: Eclissi (Mursia, 1999) and Comete, diario di viaggio (Mimesis, 2002).



Silvia Pozzi. She teaches language at the University of Milano Bicocca and Chinese literature at Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori A. Spinelli of Milan. Interpreter and translator since 1999, she translated into Italian many works of contemporary writers, such as A Yi, Han Han, Lao Ma, Lin Bai, Qiu Miaojin and Yu Hua. Since 2014 she is co-director of Caratteri, the fist Italian magazine on Chinese contemporary literature, published by Foreign Language Press in the People’s Republic of China and distributed in Italy in electronic format.



Ina Praetorius. Born in 1956 in Karlsruhe, Germany , she studied German literature in Zurich and Heidelberg and graduated in theology. She worked from 1983 to 1987 at the Institute for Social Ethics at the University of Zurich . Since then she has been a freelance author , housewife, wife and mother . She has written many books including : Penelope a DavosIdee Femministe per un’economia globale (2011) . She lives in Wattwill in Switzerland .


Migena Proi. She was born in June 28, 1985 in Vlore, Albania . After completing high school , she graduated in Economics. She collaborates and publishes articles with different national and international cross-cultural periodicals and cures her blog . Her tale “Il museo del future” won the First Prize of the VII National Literary Contest Lingua Madre for  its "intense focus” on the crucial themes of migration .


Antonio Prudenzano. Journalist, since July 2014 he has been the editorial supervisor of the website ilLibraio.it. He has previously curated the section Libri&Editori of the online newspaper Affaritaliani.it. He collaborated with the weekly magazine D di Repubblica and the monthly magazine BlowUp, among others. He writes about culture, the media, music, sport and current events. (© Yuma Martellanz)


Enrica Puggioni. She graduated in Philosophy in Venice, obtained a PHD in comparative literature in Cagliari and attended a post graduate PHD at Stuttgart University. Both in Italy and in Germany she managed projects and cultural events for several organizations, gaining skills in management and international productions. From 2011 until 2016 she was council member for culture in the municipality of Cagliari. She currently lives in Cagliari where she works as freelancer in the fields of cultural management and strategic planning.


Francesca Puglisi. Democratic Party leader of the Senate's Committee on Culture and Education; national Responsible, on School, University and Research for the Democratic Party National Secretariat. She graduated in business administration at the University of Bologna.


Valentino Pusceddu is 52 years old and he is headmaster of Istituto Comprensivo di Pirri 1-2. He takes care of evaluation and self-evaluation in USR-Sardegna. He is the representative for Sardinia in Coordinamento nazionale scuole senza zaino. He is member of Società per l’Apprendimento e l’Istruzione informati da Evidenza chaired by A. Calvani.