This is the list with the biographies of the guests that Leggendo Metropolitano had the pleasure to host from the first edition till today.

Jacarè. This band was born from the encounter between the young singer Cristina Renzetti and the guitarist Rocco Casino Papia . In 2007, Irma Records published their first album "The first step", that was awarded the prestigious Iceberg Prize for the music section by the City of Bologna . Winner of the "Moovin'up" competition launched by the GAI ( Young Italian Artists ), this band was on tour in Brazil in March 2008 and came back there in April 2009 to participate to the SESC Santana Sao Paulo together with the singer Chico César . They have performed in major festivals including the Bologna Jazz Festival , BolognaEstate, CrossRoads Festival , Pescara Ethno - Jazz Festival.


Helena Janeczek. Born in Munich into a Jewish-Polish family, she has lived in Italy for 30 years. After her debut with a poetry book, she has chosen to write a series of works of fiction in Italian. These works often examine the historical memory of the past century. She is the author of Lezioni di tenebra (Guanda), Cibo (Mondadori) and Le rondini di Montecassino (Guanda), all awarded with numerous prizes. She is the co-founder of the collective blog Nazione Indiana and collaborates with newspapers and literary magazines, such as Nuovi Argomenti, Lo Straniero, La Repubblica, L’Unità and Pagina ’99.


Radhika Jha. Indian novelist, after her studies in anthropology and political sciences, she worked for Hindustan Times, BusinessWorld and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, where she started up the Interact project for the education of the children of victims of terrorism in different parts of India. She had the opportunity to discover diverse cultural realties by living six years in Tokyo, then in Beijing and now in Athens. Her stories have been published in various newspapers and magazines. Her last publication is My beautiful Shadow (HarperCollins, 2014), preceded by Smell (Soho Press, 1999) and Lanterns on their horns (Beautiful books UK, 2009).



Liesl Jobson. Called “queen of flash fiction”,  this writer from Cape Town was born musician and poet, and when she converted to prose, she did so with the same sense of rhythm , of essentiality and balance between the parties. The heart of her books is South Africa, “its disturbed inhabitants, their collective unconsciousness, their schizophrenic amnesia, as well as their incredible strength, unexpected acts of courage that enable ordinary people to transform a brutal history and a scary present into lives worth living”. “Pamper yourself”  says her South African publisher “her stories are erotic , tense and full of wisdom”